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    Friday, August 1, 2008

    15,000 hits and counting

    I'm deeply saddened today at the realization of my .mac account death. I really enjoyed the Our Pursuit website and clearly so did you. This month marked the one year anniversary of and we reached over 15,000 hits in one year (6,000 from August 07-December 07 in the Road Trip format page, 9,000 from January 08 to July 08 in the new white format). But now, unfortunately, I'm stuck with this free blog hosting crap that gives me no customization and certainly not as hassle free as .mac . But don't worry, the blog will begin to take form. And I didn't COMPLETELY lose the last 8 months of blog posts, I have all the posts and comments on my computer and I'm currently looking for a way to publish them for public records. I expect a link will be on the blog soon that will allow us all to go back and re-visit the glory days.

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